Ryoko Demon Rey Doll

"Hello! We are Russian cosplay team known as "R&R". This name is the connection of first letters of our nicknames Ryoko and Rei. We've traveled a long way together as cosplay partners and friends, and have been cosplaying together since 2002. There are two more important members of our team – Kifir, our amazing photographer and Predator, our videographer and crafter. Not a single photoshoot happens without any of us and we’re working together and helping each other for many years."


I started my way in cosplay back in 2002 when first visited anime club and met Ryoko. She brought me into cosplay and my first costume was Sasami from Tenchi Muyo! and it was terrible, but I had a lot of fun making it and since that time I never stopped cosplaying. One of my most challenging costumes is Jane from trinity Blood, with lots of details and patterns, but every new costume brings new skills and challenges. As a sewing cosplayer I try to improve my sewing accuracy with every new piece and make the costume fit as good as possible. From 2010 our team started to visit conventions in different countries as guests and jury of international cosplay contests and we always enjoy meeting new friends and knowing cosplay community in different parts of the world. Cosplay unites people from all over the world and for me it’s the best part of it.


My first cosplay happened in 2002 and it was my most favourite character Ryoko from anime Tenchi Muyo! I gathered a team to make a performance and that’s how I met my lifetime cosplay partner Rei. Since that time cosplay became a very important part of my life. In 2010 after we made our Team Rocket cosplay I started to be interested in wig styling, and it brought me into wig maker’s world. I also love to create original characters with costumes of my design. I still have strong feelings to my Harlequin and Cheshire Cat costumes that I made years ago.
Cosplay is a real adventure, especially when making a performance, which I like the most. In the world of cosplay you can do everything, and be anyone, and do what you like, that’s why I love it!


Kifir is an artist and drawing was always his main passion. He got acquainted with cosplay thanks to Ryoko and Rei and started making photos in 2007. Since that time he made almost every of their photoshoots and video-cosplays and became an integral part of R&R team. Art skills help him to see the composition and light perfectly and creat amazing photos. As he doesn't like to do much post processing all the backgrounds, props, costume and make up on the photoshoots are always real."